Custom Design Process

For over 30 years, Kennington Jewelers has been providing custom-made jewelry aimed to inspire and reflect the personality and lifestyle of each individual.  Some clients appreciate design guidance for their custom jewelry, while others have a special look in mind that they need assistance creating a tangible work of art.  We are able to cater to the needs of each client and create the heirlooms they desire.

Since 2008,  Kennington Jewelers is the the only Central Valley jewelry store with a milling machine for precision wax models.   Kennington Jewelers has had the privilege of custom designing over 1500+ designs for our customers on our 3D matrix program.   We first start off with a consultation to see exactly what you’re looking for. Once a deposit is given we start the custom design process. Check out our step by step custom process shown below.

Design Your Own

Step One: Auto CAD

We start by creating a CAD (computer-aided design) of your desired design.

Step One Auto CAD - Custom Design Process
Step One Auto CAD 2 - Custom Design Process

Step Two: Wax

Once the CAD image is approved we move forward to cutting a wax model.

Step Two Wax 1 - Custom Design Process
Step Two Wax 2 1 - Custom Design Process

Step 3: Make the Mold

We then make a plaster mold with the wax inside.

Step Three Mold - Custom Design Process
Step Three Mold 2 - Custom Design Process

Step 4: Burn Out

The mold then has to harden in an “oven” and the wax burns out

Step Four Burn Out - Custom Design Process

Step 5: Casting

After the plaster has hardened we can now pour the metal of your choosing into the mold.

Step 5 Casting - Custom Design Process

Step 6: Polish

Once the item has cooled, we wash away the plaster and start polishing away the rough surface.

Step 6 Polish - Custom Design Process
Step 6 Polish 2 - Custom Design Process

Step 7: Setting the Stones

Once the surface is smooth and clean we set the stones of your choosing.

Step 7 Setting - Custom Design Process

Step 8: Finished Piece

We do a final polish after the stones are set and complete our quality check to ensure all the stones are secure.

Step 8 Finish - Custom Design ProcessStep 8 Finish 2 - Custom Design Process

Design Your Own

If you have any questions please contact us at 559-435-3133, or come into our store.