About Us

Kennington Jewelers is Fresno’s authority on all things jewelry. We carry a wide range of jewelry, watches, gem stones and accessories. Always taking your ideas and wishes into consideration, we are determined to find the right piece for you.

Our staff in the shop and on the sales floor are experts in their field. They are at your service to offer you comprehensive and detailed advice at any time.


Jeff began doing jewelry work while he was still in high school as an apprentice under Carlos Jimenez at the old Lewis Diamond Mine back in 1978. Under Carlos’ expertise Jeff learned all of his jewelry repairing and manufacturing skills.
At the age of 23, in 1984 he opened his own store with partners, Rob Sanders and his father-in-law, John Hollabaugh under the name of Treasure Chest Jewelers. Jeff further improved his skills as he was totally responsible for all of the store’s repairs and manufacturing as well as Rob’s store, Sanders Diamond Company.

We are extremely grateful for Rob’s knowledge and guidance in getting us going but, after 5 years we were able to venture out on our own. We bought out our partners and changed the name to Kennington Jewelers. It has truly been a family business. At one time or another Jeff has employed all four of his siblings, three of his children and his wife, Peggy, who has been a part of the accounting for over 26 years. In 2007, we changed locations, same corner just more visible with a much larger shop.

Jeff has changed his emphasis from repairs and retail sales to a custom design studio. After weeks of training in Chicago and years of practice, he and his staff are now capable of CAD design. We have a laser welder and a revo machine where all our waxes are made in house. We have brought the best of both worlds together. A small, friendly, no pressure, feel at home atmosphere, with the latest and greatest technology, enabling the customer to have a one of a kind creation with very reasonable cost.